Full Stack Node.js Project Delivery

A dedicated Lean team, based in the ❤ of London

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What we do

Node.js & Javascript

We provide full stack development teams in an on site / remote model. We focus our efforts on Node, Javascript and docker and understand the complexities and competitiveness of building a world class team. We have worked tirelessly to amass a leading network of consultants from around Europe enabling us to remain competitive whilst adhering to our extremely high standards.

Management & Strategy

We keep you moving fast in a global enconomy and have experience with making key descisions. We will advise you how to streamline your existing processes whilst leading by example. We have the ability to strike a balance between the needs of the user and deliver value to the business.

Ops & Infrastructure

We enable you to scale securely in the cloud and have the expertise to deliver infrastructure that is resiliant and performant. Failing is not an option so let us help you achieve operational excellence.